It looks like any other typical urban backyard in St Ives but if you take a closer look it is teeming with a variety of wildlife.


It all started with a resident’s pond and garden that had exotic and native plants. In her words, “I didn’t have a grand garden plan nor was I a professional gardener”.  What she did find is that by modifying a few things she did and didn’t do around the garden the wildlife started to arrive.

Over the years I planted trees and shrubs to create 3 tier levels of plants for greatest protection;  shrubs that had flowers for bees and butterflies;  left areas free of vegetation but protected and secluded for wildlife to forage;   provided water in the form of ponds and water baths;  put up nesting boxes for possums and created rocky hideaways for lizards did not remove a dead gum tree so the insects could make their homes and hopefully in the future it would provide hollows for birds and animals”.

It all happened gradually but before she knew it she had a water dragon, skinks and blue tongues, a variety of birds including a bower bird, dragonflies, butterflies, native bees and owls all visiting and some staying.


Change one or more things you do in the garden, provide shelter and water for wildlife and sit back.  It really is that simple – see the “Simple steps” to create your own success.