Verreaux's Frog or Whistling Tree Frog (Litoria vereauxii)

A small light brown frog with a divided dark line down the centre of its back and dark stripe along the side of its head. This frog can be extremely variable in its colouration and local forms occur throughout its range. The inner surfaces of the hind legs and groin are yellow through to red orange and the belly is whitish. The toes discs are small and toes only half-webbed.

This species is mostly found around dams and ponds and also in some suburban gardens however its range has greatly reduced and it is another species in decline. The males call from the ground or vegetation around a breeding pond all year round.

Size: up to 3.5cm

Status: Locally uncommon

Eggs: Are laid in clusters in the water attached to stems and twigs

Tadpoles: Are medium sized and range from being clear yellow with darker areas through to brown and black.

Call: A quiet “weep….weep….weep”

Known localities: Warrawee