Lesueur's Frog or Stony Creek Frog (Litoria lesueuri)

Lesueur’s Frog or the Stony Creek Frog is a medium to large ground frog that is usually brown with a dark stripe along the side of the head and blue and black spots over the inner thighs. The groin is yellow with black blotches and the hind side of the thighs has a reticulated black and yellow pattern. The toes are well developed with thick webbing and small discs making it more active on the ground than in the trees. Males calling at night can be quite yellow and large differences in colour are common between the adult and juvenile forms.

It commonly lives in sclerophyll forest, woodland and associated grassy areas. It is common around rocky flowing creeks, but will breed in ponds and water features adjacent to these areas. Mostly found in streams throughout the Woronora catchment south of Sydney, but also found in forested areas around the Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby, Baulkham Hills and Gosford areas.

Size: Up to 7cm

Status: Locally uncommon

Eggs: Are often attached or placed underneath rocks in streams and dams.

Tadpoles: Are medium sized and mostly gold over a darker layer of colour, except for a darker area over the base of the body near the tail. These tadpoles can attach to rocks in flowing streams with their mouths.

Call: A soft purring sound. The males call from the ground near the water between August and May

Known Localities: None known