Leaf-Green Tree Frog or Stream Frog (Litoria phyllochroa)

The Leaf Green Tree Frog is a small species up to 40mm long, light green to dark olive green in colour but can change colour rapidly as a means of camouflage. A cream to gold stripe runs from the nostril, through the eye and is underlined with a black stripe which finishes towards the back. The armpits and groin are all dark red and the belly is white. It is usually found alongside creek lines on the leaves of Callicoma and Tristaniopsis trees in both the day and night and can also breed in backyard fishponds or dams. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of urban creeklines and catchment areas, this species is in decline. Males call from low vegetation during the period of October to March and are often well concealed.

Size: up to 4cm

Status: Locally uncommon

Eggs: Are laid in loose clusters attached to sticks and leaves, near the edges of streams.

Tadpoles: Are small and range from dark to light golden brown. These tadpoles are also 'peppered' with gold clusters and are not very strong swimmers.

Call: A quaint soft call “erk…erk…erk”

Known Localities: West Pymble, South Turramurra, Warrawee, Gordon