Freycinet's Frog or Rocket Frog (Litoria freycineti)

Freycinet’s Frog or the Rocket Frog is a small species with a mottled brown colouration and pointed snout. It is characterised by irregular dark patches, warts and skin folds distributed all over its body, often in triangular rows. Its toes are fully webbed with extremely small toe discs making it a poor climber compared to the other tree frogs. It spends the majority of its time on the ground and is an excellent jumper due to long hind legs. Commonly found in swampy areas, rocky creeks and coastal heathland throughout the southern suburbs and a patchy distribution throughout the areas of Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby and further out into semi-rural areas.

Size: up to 4.5cm

Status: Locally uncommon

Eggs: The male kicks the eggs free of the females vent and they are scattered over the bottom of the pond or stream

Tadpoles: Are medium sized and grey-brown in colour often with darker lines down either side of the spine. These tadpoles develop quickly and can survive very high water temperatures.

Call: A rapid yapping or quacking call. The males call from the edges of ponds or from the ground nearby, in spring and summer after rain.

Known localities: None known.