Common Eastern Froglet (Crinia signifera)

One of the smallest frogs in Ku-ring-gai and also one of the most common.
A lovable little frog extremely variable in colour and pattern ranging from a rusty red to grey or yellow and even almost black. Found in almost all habitats from the coast to the mountains in both permanent and ephemeral streams, pond, pool and even roadsides.
Extremely adaptable and has adapted well to human settlement.
Calls throughout the year both day and night from nearby vegetation or whilst floating.

Size: up to 3cm

Status: Locally abundant and extremely common

Eggs: Are laid singly and are either attached to vegetation or roll around on the substrate. Eggs may may cluster together when several are laid at one time.

Tadpoles: Are small and vary in colouration. Some individuals have lots of gold clusters over a dark background while others are entirely sandy gold in colour. These tadpoles can also be dark in colour or grey with dark mottling.

Call: A soft “eep…eep…eep” similar to the sound of low pitched cricket
Calls right throughout the year both day and night

Known localities: Abundant and widespread throughout Ku-ring-gai