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Energetics of bluetongue lizards (Tiliqua scincoides) in a seasonal tropical environment.
Keith A. Christian, Jonathan K. Webb and Timothy J. Schultz

Snakes in the garden: an analysis of reptiles "rescued" by community-based wildlife carers.
Richard Shine, Jennifer Koenig

The ecology of an Australian reptile icon: how do blue-tongued lizards (Tiliqua scincoides) survive in suburbia?
Jennifer Koenig, Richard Shine and Glenn Shea

Herpetology in Australia - A Diverse Discipline.
Daniel Lunney and Danielle Ayers

Dangers of Life in the City: Patterns of Activity, Injury and Mortality in Suburban lizards (Tiliqua scincoides)
Jennifer Koenig, Richard Shine and Glen Shea Dangers_of_life_in_the_city.pdf

The Eastern Bluetongue Skink Tiliqua Scincoides in the Sydney Metropolitan Area: The Great Survivor or just hanging on?
Jennifer Koenig, Richard Shine and Glen Shea

Application for a scientific license for the purpose of science, education or conservation.
National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, Section 132C

Sperm Storage in an Eastern Bluetongued Skink
Originally published in 1997 in The Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological
Society 32(4) page 84.

Evolution of Diets for Herbivorous and Omnivorous Reptiles at the Philadelphia Zoo: From Mystery to Science
A. Bentley, B. Toddes and K. Wright