Frogs & Reptiles of the Sydney Region (ISBN: 0868404322)
K. Griffiths 1997 New South Wales University Press Ltd.

The Biology and Evolution of Australian Reptiles (ISBN: 0949342211)
by Allen Greer.
Hard cover, A4, 264 pages, illustrated colour, 99 plates and tables. Greer directs his work to a wide spectrum of herpetologists; professionals, tertiary and graduate students in zoology and amateur herpetologists who are inclined to scientific data. In this comprehensive book Australian lizard biology is reviewed from an evolutionary perspective. No other similar work exists in print today. Chapters include the Phylogenetic Relationships and Geographical Origins of Australian Lizards, Agamidae (dragon lizards), Gekkonidae (Geckos), Pygopididae (flap-footed lizards), Scincidae (skinks), Varanidae (goannas), Carnivorous Legless Lizards (snakes), Index.
Awarded the Whitley Medal for the Best Book on Australian Natural History. $70.00 per copy

A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia (ISBN: 187633472X)
By Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan

Lizards as a New Pet (ISBN: 0866225366)
By John Coborn, A T.F.H Publication.
64 pages, soft cover, 21.5 x 17.5cm, colour photos. This book has been designed specially for use and enjoyment by beginners. It is meant for someone who is just starting to keep lizards as pets and was prepared with the assistance of the editorial staff of T.F.H Publications. Contents include, classification, housing, foods & feeding, general care & health, breeding and popular lizards. $22.00 per copy

A Step-By-Step Book About Pet Lizards (ISBN: 0866229698)
By Ray Staszko, a T.F.H Publication.
64 pages, soft cover, 21 x 13.5cm, colour photos. Completely illustrated with full-colour photos, this easily understood, enjoyable book is packed with information especially designed to meet the needs of new lizard owners. Touching all the bases, from nutrition to environment on through medicine, this book is a complete introductory guide, allowing the reader to acquire a solid base of knowledge on which to build a rewarding new hobby. $20.00 per copy

A Field Guide to Reptiles of New South Wales (ISBN: 187706906X)
By Gerry Swan, Glenn Shea and Ross Sadlier
Made nice and compact so that you can take it with you when you go lizard spotting this is a great illustrated reference for amateur herpetologists (New Holland).
A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia
By Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan

Reptiles and Amphibians (ISBN: 0789476320)
By Mark O'Shea and Tim Halliday
A broader look at herps worldwide, includes many Australian species as well (Dorling Kindersley).

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