Pool to Pond Urban Wildlife Program

Have you got an unwanted or unused swimming pool sitting in your backyard? Why not join over 60 Ku-ring-gai residents and many other home owners who are Pool to Pond converts and create an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative that promotes biodiversity?


  • Switching off the pool pump and filter can easily save you $1,000 on your electricity bill.
  • The conversion is reversible - if you sell your house in future the buyer can maintain the pond or turn it back into a swimming pool.
  • A pond enhances household sustainability by reducing toxic chemical use and providing a source of water for garden irrigation.
  • Maintaining a pond is not expensive or time-consuming.
  • Ponds are a useful educational resource for kids - try dip netting to collect a range of aquatic wildlife.
  • Promote biodiversity in your own backyard.
  • Become the custodian of a species of threatened native fish by using your pond as a biobank.


Pool to pond conversions


WildThings has assisted Ku-ring-gai residents in converting their unwanted swimming pools into ponds since 2007 by supplying native fish, aquatic plants and technical advice for the conversion.


WildThings members visiting a pond during an Open Day